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Custom Bridal and Alterations

Fit Process

Custom women's dresses

Design consultation is FREE!


Bring along all your ideas including sketches or pictures you’ve collected, fabric and trim samples or your grandmothers pearls that will be your something old.

I meet with every client and work one on one throughout the entire process. Once I have a sense of whom the client is and the event, together we’ll go over all your ideas and see where that leads.

We’ll discuss style and silhouettes appropriate to your body type. Next we’ll look at fabrics, laces, trims and any desired embellishments. Throughout this process we will address any concerns you may have, don’t be afraid to tell me what you want or don’t want. A sketch is drawn up and either an estimate or quote is given. This is just a consultation. There is no pressure to decide right then, take time to make the decision that is best for you.

Once you have decided to have your gown custom made a 50% deposit is required and your measurements are taken. The balance is due at the time of pickup. On occasion partial payments are due during the process. If that is the case you will be informed when you pay your deposit.

Before your first fitting a pattern is made and your gown or a portion is sewn up in muslin.

First Fitting

 Bring the appropriate undergarments you plan to wear with your gown.   Changing your undergarments in the middle of the fit process will change how your gown fits. Design changes and fit adjustments will be made at this time. ----- After this fitting the pattern is corrected, the gown is cut from the final fabric, and the main pieces are sewn. On occasion a second mockup is required. 

Second Fitting

You will try on your gown in the final fabric. Any minor adjustments are marked. We finalize details such as trims and embellishments. The zipper is marked. Finally we will discuss accessories: veil, headpieces, wraps, jewelry, handbags, etc. You will be given a fabric swatch at this time. After this fitting all adjustments are made. The zipper is then sewn in.

Third Fitting

Bring your shoes. The hem is marked. Trims are basted on and beadwork is started.  After this fitting the hem is finished. Trims are permanently sewn on and all beadwork is completed. 

Fourth & Final Fitting

You gown is finished. You’ll try it on with all your accessories. You can relax and know you’re ready for the big day.  You are also welcome to bring in your accessories at any time during the process. 

Design changes are possible during the process, be advised that some changes will increase the final cost.